Sunday, February 26, 2006

unapi-enabled with OPA proxy.

I put together an unapi-enabled amazon page, it uses Dan's OPA-0.1 server as proxy [].

Again I am following Dan's previous Amazonmixer script [,

See a screenshot below:

To try it out:

1. Install greasemonkey, restart firefox, come back here, etc
2. Install amazon_opa.user.js
3. Install unapi_link.user.js
4. Visit an amazon book page, such as

Notice the sequence of operation is important.

so I did nothing new but to demonstrate the system can work ;-) There is a small problem with list of metadata formats supported at a site, since OPA 0.1 returns an empty list for the site. In this version I use listformats response from first available URI. I think we still need a little clarification between listformats for a site and an identifier.


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