Sunday, October 22, 2006

googlemap api and craigslist

It's the right season to find an apartment again ;-) this time I am mainly using craigslist to look for apartment. Fortunately, most rentals have a google map link, but after a while, it becomes really difficult to keep track an interest list.

For a while I want to try the goolgemap API and this is the right time to do so, it turns out the API is really handy. I need to register a googlemap API account, after I just need follow some javascript code examples in googlemap homepage, in less than 2 hours I can conveniently compare interesting apartments through the nice google map interface.

I still need manually populate craigslist information into my small application -- it would be great if craigslist have a built-in function to create a "my bookshelf" kind of service.



Anonymous Ed Summers said...

While it's definitely worthwhile to see how the Google Maps API works have you tried out HousingMaps ?

Also, I have to ask--are you moving to NYC area?!?

8:07 AM  
Blogger xiaoming said...

Nice mashup, thanks for the pointer. It would be even sweeter if allowing me to save "favorite" places!

Yes, I am moving to northern NJ area pretty soon, I will start a new position in OCLC Openly Informatics

8:35 AM  

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