Friday, March 03, 2006

keep list of unapi server (and lanudry list ;-)

Any serious validation should use Ed Summers's excellent validator , although I may still update information in this page (2006-03-08)

while playing with unapi_link script, I notice some unapi site are not 100% unapi compliant, and actually reveal some interesting questions about unapi itself. Before edsu has a test tool running, I need keep a record and to repeat Alan Kent's philosphy "Nothing like airing dirty laundry to get people to clean up their act! :-)". I will try to keep the list up-to-date. A common pitfall list is also created below.

Notice I am doing manual testing, so I apologize for any fault at my side.

1) quaedam

a) a trailing "?" in unapi link. (notice the spec said no trailing ?)
b) request to a dissemination doesn't return right value


4) wikid
client-side xslt render is required. not sure how to handle this, because we cannot expect all client has an xslt rendering ability, I would like to say unapi server must explicitly support HTML page.

4) opa
4.1) doesn't return json in formats request.
4.2) no site formats list, I think unapi should clarify relationship between site and individual formats list. The wording of OAI-PMH is more precise: "If this argument (identifier) is omitted, then the response includes all metadata formats supported by this repository." In this case I think an empty list is correct. In particular, I think unapi can be cleaner by following how to deal with ListMetadataFormats in OAI-PMH.

5) unapi_link
need handle relative path in unapi link.

Notice is also has a page explicitly exposing unAPI links.
canarydatabase export

7) evergreen
it doesn't work with unapi_link, still looking for the reason.

Common pitfalls

1) use href instead of xhref in UNAPI link
2) The trailing "?" is explicitly forbidden in unAPI spec.

Please leave a comment or send me an email if any question


Anonymous mjgiarlo said...

Hey there. Just wanted to thank you for pointing out the errant "x" in my unapi link. I thought it looked strange but I wrote it off as an intentional artifact of sorts. :)

Does my blog now pass your unAPI test?

(The non-PURL URL is

Thanks again. :)

5:38 PM  
Blogger xiaoming said...

yes, it works now. see
Technosophia unapi-enabled

6:53 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

is fixed.

Thanks for pointing that out.

7:32 AM  
Blogger xiaoming said...


the php problem is fixed, but I still cannot get a dc record, such as, I also notice you have a trailing "?" in unapi link

7:51 PM  
Anonymous mjgiarlo said...


Just to let you know that Technosophia also exposes unAPI links --


2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:07 PM  

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