Thursday, July 24, 2003

Other Useful packages recently discovered.
Open Source Matlab

great drawing tool

Boost, previous Generic Graph Component Library (GGCL), looks like a powerful c++ graph package


Great 3-D visulization, if we want to build a real cool galaxy of citation network ;-)

statistics package with a good social network analysis module

install webdot/graphviz/tomcat/apache at intrepid:/home/liu_x/tool
Explore Java matrix/Graph packages

General Java matrix/math packages:

It has many useful links to other java math projects.

Colt package:
It looks powerful but I did not find a graph theory API

It has limited graph algo implementation, including DFS, DijkstraPath. It's more like a teaching tool.

Graph Foundation Class for Java
It has a more powerful Graph API, however the latest version is released 07/31/2000. There is no much activity going on there. And the interface is rather odd. It supports breath-first search though.

Install Tomcat 4.1.24/Apache 2.0/jk2/GraphViz, many documents are incomplete or not work at all

Here are two useful links

--Compile Apache with so enabled
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2 --enable-ssl --enable-module=so

--Install Tomcat
Downlod jk2 and compile
cd to /usr/local/src/jk2/jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src/jk/native2 and run configure with the following options...
./configure --with-apxs2=/bin/apxs --with-tomcat41= --with-java-home= --with-jni --with-pcre

--copy .so files to apache modules directory

--Config httpd.conf
LoadModule jk2_module modules/

--create at $apache/conf
Define the communication channel
info=Ajp13 forwarding over socket


# Map the Tomcat examples webapp to the Web server uri space

--create at $tomcat/conf


-- Start tomcat first, and then start Apache.