Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tomcat 5 with arc package

in tomcat 5.0.25, it appeared that tomcat 5 disable the invoker servlet
by default. You may read the details from

The quick solution is to uncomment the corresponding servlet element at
the top of install_dir/conf/web.xml, as below:




Static and Dynamic table in mysql


Static format is the default for MyISAM tables. It is used when the table contains no variable-length columns (VARCHAR, BLOB, or TEXT). Each row is stored using a fixed number of bytes.

Dynamic storage format is used if a MyISAM table contains any variable-length columns (VARCHAR, BLOB, or TEXT), or if the table was created with the ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC option.


Tiger is a fast new hash function, designed to be very fast on modern computers, and in particular on the state-of-the-art 64-bit computers (like DEC-Alpha), while it is still not slower than other suggested hash functions on 32-bit machines.


The hash length 192 bits. Accordingly, the hash length of MD5 is 128 bits, and SHA-1 is 190 bits.